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Car Wash Foaming Brush Systems - How to Adjust the Foam

Car Wash owners occasionally come up with questions regarding the foam brush systems. The most common question is adjusting the foam in self serve bays or in your tunnel foamer.

Almost any foamer works in the same way. Foremost is being sure you have the right dilution of chemical to water. This depends on the chemical you are using, what the suggested manufacturer ratio is. A good starting point for self serve operations is 40:1 which means 40 parts water and 1 part chemical. However some chemicals such as our Film Buster used in tunnel foamers can be mixed at 120:1 and will provide good foam - so it depends on the chemical.

In the absence of knowing the correct dilution, then start at 40:1 and if this works well then increase the dilution to 50:1, 75:1, etc. until the foam is too watery. Once it is too watery then back down a tip size or two - this is where you want to be.

Next is adjusting the foam:

  1. Turn off all of your air to the foamer, so that only chemical is coming out.
  2. Next step is to "slowly" increase the air. Be sure to give the air time to reach the foamer.

Once you reach the consistency you are looking for you are done.

So, there you have it - it is quite easy.

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