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How to Save Water at your Automatic Car Wash

Water costs money. The less you use, the lower your costs and the better for the environment. Is a major concern today especially for car washing in states suffering from drought and water restrictions.

Here are some products to help you save precious water:

Carnauba Glaze was developed to reduce water costs and to reduce car wash time. It is also a very good protectorant and will aid in the drying process. This product is a new vehicle protectorant designed to give the motorist more value from his car wash experience while saving the carwash operator time, money, and natural resources.

Carnauba Glaze Protectorant is applied through the existing triple, multi-colored foaming mechanism after the first high-pressure pass. One ounce of Carnauba Glaze is used per vehicle.

Normally, an application of triple foam is followed by a high-pressure pass and an application of drying agent. Neither one is needed following an application of Caranauba Glaze protectorant. You save that time, chemical, and water usage.

Carnauba Glaze was formulated to work with reclaim systems. Once foamed onto the vehicle, as the foam dissipates, it carries most of the reclaim water off of the vehicle so that the final spot free rinse will produce a spot free result.

With Carnauba Glaze, the only fresh water needed is the application of your chemicals and spot free rinse. All high-pressure functions can be 100% reclaimed water. No other wash process can wash a vehicle with less fresh water.

By eliminating the high pressure pass normally following triple foam, and eliminating the rinse/drying agent pass, you have saved 30% of the time required to wash a car. For those operators who are NOT interested in saving time, may we suggest another high-pressure pass prior to the application of Carnauba Glaze. If you are using a water reclamation system, the cost would be minimal. THE END RESULT IS SHINIER, DRIER VEHICLES AT A SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVINGS TO THE OPERATOR.

Best Tire Shine is one of the finest tire shines on the market today. It can be used with in-tunnel tire shiners or Can be applied in outside finishing areas of your car wash. We call this product Best Tire shine for a few reasons.

Most tire shines on the market today contain 20 to 25% Silicone. Our Best Tire Shine contains 35% silicone.

We provide our 35% best tire shine in water based or solvent based tire shine. We can also provide a 50% blend. Our best tire shine is recommended to be used in our vacuum conversion kit for tire shine, however we recommend a solvent base since solvent based tire shine can be used year round – winter and summer. It will not thicken or freeze.

Clearly our Best Tire Shine is one of the best tire shines on the market for car wash operators.

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